Outdoor Content Hub supplies only high-quality content. We specialise in providing scientific product tests that are both interesting and informative. Each new test is conducted as a scientific experiment. What is a product subjected to in practise? What is required of today’s outdoor products? How do existing products perform in lab and field tests? How can these products be improved to benefit users? We want to support consumers’ understanding of outdoor products. Ultimately this will enable them to make better purchase decisions.

Many of our test results are for entire product categories, not just for individual products. For example: What effect do UV rays, wind and rain have on products? This is information that helps the industry to better understand its products. An important recent example is the problem with PFCs. Greenpeace implies that there are alternative solutions that function just as well. But can they really withstand the demands of harsh outdoor environments? As an independent and unbiased authority, we see it as our responsibility to provide answers to such questions.