• Product Tests

    Outdoor Content Hub develops product tests that set new standards for objectivity and practical relevance.

  • Turntable platform for the exchange of editorial content

    Outdoor Content Hub offers innovative technical solutions for the exchange of text, images and data.

  • Background topics and investigative articles

    We test our product categories very rigorously and collect all available information. This enables us to offer individual background topics. For example, cleaning and care, repair tips, background information on supply chain management, sustainability and company profiles.

  • Product validation

    A product in a given category (for example, insulation jackets) can be tested according to our test procedure to provide you with information about how this product compares to other tested products.

  • Photo and video production

    For example, training videos.

  • Commissioning more complex projects

    We also coordinate large scale, more complex projects involving text, photos and moving images.